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  • Sergey Karzhaev
    The first packraft master in Russia
    Sergey Karzhaev is a chemist by education, a tourist with great experience. He became the first in Russia to produce packrafts – light and easy to pack boats. Light boats were needed by those who wanted to go further and see more.

    Packraft Kulik has been mass produced for already three years and it offers a wide opportunity for traveling in calm water. It is important to mention that the cylinders and the bottom of Kulik are made of fabric used for expedition packrafts "Sinitsa", "Ivolga" and "Salamandra", which have been made for 6 years and have proven themselves well on expeditions to the Putoran Plateau, in Mongolia, Patagonia, along the mountain rivers of Siberia, Kamchatka, the Polar Urals .

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    Пакрафт Синица

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I created what I dreamed of
for many years.
How Packraft Kulik was created

It started with myself, with my own enthusiasm for hiking and then hiking with lightweight – so-called "light walking". Ray Jardine in his book "Beyond Backpacking" showed that 1 kg of extra weight takes 50 minutes of running time every day during a hike. Which means 2 extra kilos in a backpack during a hike takes almost two walking days from a two-week hike. There is something to think about.

The crucial moment was the hike over Transural in 2011 when by 2500 km I felt with my own feet and back which set of equipment is optimal, what weight is doable, which things should be refused and what to get instead without any doubts.

During the hike obviously situations potentially dangerous to life and health were appearing. They were mainly connected with crossing the water (across destroyed after the rains river). Back then in such situations the packraft and a light paddle improvised from walking sticks would have been the salvation. This would have saved time and effort, would also become a reserve tool for an emergency release by the water in those cases you don't want to think about, but you have to foresee them.

After such experience I started to dream about an ultra light boat.

Such boats light and easy to pack are called packrafts.

I created my first light boat 10 years ago, but when tested it turned out that the weight of 4 kg is too have for a hike. Afterwards new lightweight and durable materials appeared, so and I returned back to my idea.

As a result, the first Russian packart "Sinitsa" appeared. The time of combining and trying different production materials started. Often, the owners of packart "Sinitsa" became friends with each other, and they were the first testers of new packrafts. Thanks a lot for this!

Since then new models of packrafts have been born for various purposes: packraft "Ivolga" (a boat for two); sport model "Salamandra" and packraft "Zimorodok". Accompanying target accessories appeared (hermetic bags, splash-proof aprons, seat mats, holders for action cameras, etc.)

And finally the packraft Kulik has been created, that was something I kept dreaming about during my travels when it came to crossing rivers. So I created what I dreamed about for many years. It is a light and small roll in a backpack but it qualitatively improved the level of hikes, safety and allows creatively combine the walking parts with the water crossing.

Over the past 3 years, packraft Kulik has passed through several technical improvements. At the request appeared models of different lengths: Kulik Standard, Kulik Elongated., Kulik Light.

I am sure that the combination of strength and unprecedented lightness of the boat will appeal to all those who are attracted to unknown nature and adventures, whether you are a traveler, a fisherman or a hunter. I believe that packraft Kulik takes its small but significant place in your hearts and inside your backpacks.

Sincerely, Sergey Karzhaev