Packraft Kulik

Ultralight boat for crossings and simple rafting

Weight – only 1355 g!
Packraft Kulik
Ultralight boat for crossings and simple rafting

Weight – only 1355 g!
Packraft Kulik – ТHE MOST LIGHT
packraft in Russia
Packraft Kulik is a compact and ultralight standard created for crossings
and rafting in calm water.

Imagine that there is a boat in your backpack that weighs almost nothing.

Yes, that's right the weight of the packraft is only 1355 g!

At the same time, the boat is strong, reliable and accommodates you and your cargo.

Opportunities on Packraft Kulik
Thanks to low weight and unprecedented compactness, you will be able to:
  • to cross to the other side quickly and safely – with a load, a bicycle, passenger;
  • to get to the fabulously beautiful places and fishing in previously inaccessible areas;

  • to take a small package with you on board and explore the nearby beaches of the warm sea;

  • to spend a weekend with your family on the river, lake.
Ultralight weight
We selected materials and technologies that allow us to achieve a weightof 1355g, while maintaining the high strength and carrying capacity of the boat.
We use 3 times thicker and stronger fabric in comparison with standard materials that are used for ultralight packrafts.
When folded, you can easily pack the boat in a backpack and take it with you on board.
High load capacity
Thanks to the thickened bow and stern, you can
stay in a boat and take
along a cargo / passenger with a total weight of up to 170 kg.
Raised bottom
Thanks to the catamaran form of cylinders, the bottom is raised and provides additional protection for the integrity of the boat.
Individual solutions
We are ready to solve your individual preferences, for example: increase the load capacity, reduce weight or add a body kit for transportation of non-standard equipment.
Do you need a different color
or size of the boat?
You can choose the desired color, length and weight!
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Video review with packraft Kulik
Foto of packraft Kulik
Video with packraft Kulik
What do our clients say about Packraft
  • Mikhail Grigoriev. Murmansk (Russia)
    I want to thank you for the boat!
    The boat is super, I like it a lot! It is very cool made, it is manageable,
    and it is super light.
    I traveled by boat several times, for more than four hours in total. It goes very easily with the flow and against a small flow as well.
    In general, I am very pleased; it is just the way I wanted.
    So thank you and your team, well done, good luck to you!
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  • Artem Troitsky. Moscow (Russia)
    Packraft is really very light and packed easily. For me, this is an opportunity to comfortably combine hiking with traveling by water. The boat can be packed in a small backpack of 40-50 liters while still staying within a comfortable weight. 1400 grams of the boat weight and 900 grams of the oar weight are added to the personal belongings... The boat is quite spacious and due to the volume of the stern even with my weight of almost 100 kg it is quite comfortable. As a means for crossings and transporting the boat is ideal. But I need a boat to sail on vacations to the sea along the coast to nearby beaches and to overcome short distances along the calm water. I have not yet experienced the sea, but it looks very attractive, there will always be a place for the boat in the luggage... So, the possibility of taking the boat on any trip to nature without thinking twice is really wonderful!
  • Alexander Ivanov. Altai (Russia)
    A friend of mine gave me packraft "Kulik" a sa gift! It is the lightest boat in the world!
  • Timofey Kutafin. Tyumen (Russia)
    Хочу выразить благодарность Сергею! Очень порадовал "Кулик" увеличенный. К сожалению не успел купить спасжилет подруге, что бы опробовать пак на двоих. Фото сделаны 3 ноября. мой вес в одежде 105+ кг, сел специально максимально близко назад, что бы посмотреть со стороны как будет без груза на носу. Места в длинном Кулике вагон и маленькая тележка, он просторный в длину и самое удивительное в ширину.
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Information about delivery

Production period: 2-3 weeks. Delivery: 2-10 days depends on the delivery method. Delivery to Moscow and Moscow Oblast by courier is up to 900 rubles. Delivery to the terminal of the freight companies "Delovyye linii" or "Energiya" - 450 rubles up to 10 days. You will have free shipping on orders from two or more boats.
About us
  • Sergey Karzhaev
    The first packraft master in Russia
    Sergey Karzhaev is a chemist by education, a tourist with great experience. He became the first in Russia to produce packrafts – light and easy to pack boats.
    Group VK: Birdypackraft
    Группа VK: Пакрафт Синица
    Join us!
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